Kerry Leves

Last week, in the reluctant autumn sun our dear friend and fellow poet, Kerry Leves left us with memories, words and light, for the other side. Goodbye for now, Kerry.

Why am I sure
that this rite is what I came for?
Why does this thin smoke
pouring into a windless sky
seem like a triumph?

(from ‘Varanasi,’ by Kerry Leves 1948-2011)

2 respostas para “Kerry Leves”

  1. thanks for letting me/us know, michelle. i put one of his books back up on my bookshelf yesterday, and thought about him! was only introduced to his poetry in the last year, but there was plenty of wisdom and compassion and insight in there. and he was so young, too.

    ‘Limbless, the blue look haunts our heads.
    We learn
    to love its simple, travelling shape.’

    [From ‘Pushkar’]

  2. Thanks for posting so we could know this news. I sang Christmas carols at the Sacred Heart Hospice and was surprised to see Kerry in the audience. We had a good chat, and I could see that he was charming the staff as always with his good humour and gentle charm. I always enjoyed seeing him at poetry events and book launches like that of “Out of the Box” at the Seymour Centre.

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