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Winner UTS Glenda Adams Award NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.
Shortlisted in the Steele Rudd Queensland Literary Awards
Longlisted in the ALS Gold Medal

Nominated for Best Books 2016 Australian Book Review, for Sydney Review of Books’ Best Fiction, and Best Avant-garde Fiction, Mascara Literary Review

Launch speech Michelle de Kretser

Review in The Weekend Australian by Sam Cooney

Review in Australian Book Review by Fiona Hile

Review in Sydney Morning Herald by Geoff Page

Review by Rakha Sarkel in Indian Link

Review in Spectrum, SMH by Cameron Woodhead

Review in The West Australian by Elaine Fry

Review in TEXT by Ruby Todd

Review in Verity La by Angela Serrano

Review in Mascara Literary Review by Paul Giffard-Foret

Review in Sydney Review of Books by Paul Sharrad

Review in Compulsive Reader by Maggie Ball

Review in the Red Room Blog by Angelene Karas

Review NSW Writer’s Centre by Kyra Thomsen

Review ANZ LitLover’s Blog by Karenlee Thompson

Review in Coburg Review of Books

‘an exquisitely moving debut collection of short stories ascending the lyrical heights expected from such a gifted poet. It is impossible not to luxuriate in the musicality of her narratives, each a virtuoso rendition of vastly different worlds.’

~ Elaine Fry, The West Australian

Thought provoking, beautifully written, a book that engages so compellingly with character, emotion and ideas. One of the best book of short stories I’ve read for a long time.

~ Judith Beveridge

I love the poetic and philiosophic edge to it; I love the multiplicity of peoples and locations, the connections to writers and thinkers, to Borges and Pessoa, to Nabokov and others…

~ Peter Boyle

Reading this book  instilled a meditative trance in me where I moved between animal and human, place and time and poetry; these stories are narrative poems, deeply fulfilling.

~ Rashida Murphy

One of the most exciting books I’ve read for a long time, just brilliant — rich, bold, moving, stimulating, pleasurable.

~ Nicholas Jose

I admire the variety of voices and settings, the diversity of cultural experiences the book embraces, and the sheer imaginative reach of the stories. The audacity of some of the pieces impressed me, as does the skill in bringing together (and subtly linking) such a kaleidoscope of narrative tableaux.

~ Alex Skovron

It is a different way of working with the reality of racialisation and racism in English-language literature….  a remarkable first collection.

~ Angela Serrano

Like Dovey she can master technical language, or ventriloquise other writers, or describe poetically. Or matter-of-factly give the narrative centre-stage. Her stories flower in the uncertain terrain of globalisation, describing the cross-pollination of ideas, the flight from war and the lure of the East for Westerners, but she also gets beyond types – the immigrant, the refugee, the tourist – to the particular shape and colour of individual lives.

Coburg Review of Books

She exhibits a poet’s economy in cutting to the heart of a time and place. Her deftness and linguistic grace masks her purpose, till she reveals a shocking glimpse of the price that art can exact.

~ Hilary Mantel The Guardian