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I am a contributor essayist to:

New Directions in Australian Poetry Ed Matt Hall and Dan Disney (Palgrave, 2022)
The Cambridge Companion to the Australian Novel Ed. Nicholas Birns and Louis Klee, (CUP, 2023)
The Bloomsbury Handbook to J.M Coetzee Ed Lucy Graham and Andrew van der Vlies (Bloomsbury, 2024) “Coetzee’s Australians”


Published Essays

‘Melbourne Musings: on Narrative Mediation’ in Asian Women, Identity and Migration: Experiences of transnational women of Indian origin/heritage. (Routledge, 2021) Ed. Belford, N., & Lahiri-Roy, R.

“Some Personal Reflections on David Brooks’ The Grass Library”, forthcoming in Southerly, 79.1

‘Rilke as a Way of Reading Recent Australian Poetry’  The Weekend Australian  Jan, 2018

‘Interceptionality and the Ambiguity of the Albatross’ in Sydney Review of Books delivered at the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice in April 2018.

‘I am Doubt Itself’: Criticism, Narrative, Ethics in Sydney Review of Books 23 May 2017

‘Fictional Tensions Run Deep’ A review of Kate Tempest, Cassie Lewis, Caitlin Maling, Jacob Polley in The Weekend Australian March 2017

‘True Colours: Some reflections on Race and Caste’ in Review of Books December 2016

‘Impurities and Audacious Voices’ in Australian Women Writer’s Challenge October 2016

‘Transcending the Conventions: Australian Poetry’  in The Weekend Australian 13 August 2016

‘Her Right Hand Married to Jane Eyre’ Jean Rhys: A Retrospective in Kill Your Darlings, April 2016

‘Extimate Subjects and Abject Bodies in Australian Poetry’ in Cordite,  March 2016, on poetry and biopolitics

‘Who is Lobbying for Migrant Writers?’ in Sydney Review of Books Ed Catriona Menzies-Pike, November 14, 2015

‘Uttering the Shadow-Canon: Devadatta’s Poems in Southerly, 74.3, 2015

‘The Colour of the Dream: Unmasking Whiteness’ in Southerly, 74.2, 2014

‘Intimate Perspectives: The Secret Maker of the World, Abbas El-Zein’ in Sydney Review of Books

The World Last Night by MTC Cronin and Autoethnographic by Michael Brennan in Wasafiri International Contemporary Writing 77, Spring 2014

‘Aspects of Australian Poetry in 2012’ in Westerly, 58:1 June 2013

‘The Female Text’ in Contemporary Asian Australian Poets Ed Aitken, Boey, Cahill. (Puncher and Wattmann, 2013)

‘From Silence to Rhetoric’ in JASAL, Vol 12, No 2 Transnational Imaginaries, Reading Asian Australian Writing,

‘Race, Privilege and the Dark Side of the Dream’ Southerly Blog 21 June 2012

‘The Poetics of Subalternity’ in Mascara Literary Review, issue 11 June 2012

Review of Error by Elizabeth Campbell in Southerly, 71 3 2011

Review of The Gothic, Postcolonialism and Otherness, Ghosts from Elsewhere by Tabish Khair in Mascara, 2011

‘Rendez-vous between Texts’ on Eighth Habitation by Adam Aitken in Jacket 40 2010

‘Metaphors of Space: On Poetry and Architecture’ in Five Bells, Winter vol. 17 no. 3 2010; (p. 10-18)

Cahill, Michelle. “From Ferlinghetti to Picaro and the Crossing of Borders.” Five Bells 15.3 (2008): 30–32.

Michelle Cahill’s contribution on Australian poetry is an illuminating, theoretically nuanced account of the state of that diverse art.
—-Carmel Macdonald Grahame, Australian Book Review, No 355


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