Poetry Without Borders


One of the first transnational collections of poetry to appear in Australia, edited by Michelle Cahill.

It was launched by Chris Wallace-Crabbe at the Sydney Writers’ Festival after a reading at Customs House with Jane Gibian, joanne burns, Jamal Ali Al Hallaq, Ouyang Yu, Boey Kim Cheng, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Martin Langford, Judith Beveridge and several other poets.

From Ferlinghetti to Picaro


This anthology, Poetry Without Borders, offers and articulates so many different interpretations, expressions and translations of the concept and realities of ‘borders,’ in both their presence and their absence. It is an abundant collection, an intelligent collection, whose poems range in focus across the personal, the cultural, the geographical, the political, the metaphysical, the ‘spiritual.’
—-joanne burns

Although Poetry Without Borders is by no means the first multicultural or intercultural collection in Australia, it captures that strength of hybrid perspectives like some of its predecessors such as Migrant 7 and Australian Multicultural Book Review. Like those publications, it has the energy to become a literary pivot on discussion, discourse and debate about Australia’s contribution to the migrant and refugee experience.

—–Angela Costi Cordite

Available from Picaro Press http://www.picaropress.com/p1-4.html