Metaphors of Space

Metaphors of Space: Sydney Writers’ Festival 2009

An architectural display and poetry reading, blending the narratives of sustainable, urban and indigenous interpretations of home and public space. Convened by Dr Chris L Smith from Sydney University, directed by Michelle & David, it featured the work of several young emerging architects: Innovarchi, Sylvester Fuller, Welsh+Major

Cameo readings by David Musgrave, Elizabeth Hodgson, Peter Boyle, Pam Brown and Andy Quan. This spatial reading event was presented by Mascara Literary Review, City of Sydney, the Sydney Writers’ Festival and MCHP Architects

The Panels and Poems

Silvester Fuller Boston University Students Housing Central Sydney

the airport curfew ends at 06:00

05:30. attic skylights, braced
against dark and rain, admit soundwaves.
commuters are driving to the cbd,

their highway drone like planes idling.
the blanketing hum turns to roar;
my stomach clenches.

double insulation lines the roof, but,
at 06:00 hours, planes abrade the 8/8 cloud cover
low hovering lights penetrate fog.

once, at a no airport noise rally
i marched with stentorian garbage trucks,
now they’re mustering bins

at the curb, as my alarm whoops it up
with some bird’s deet deet deet
and a van rumbling in the lane.

the western distributor drums
its all-weather thunder
and again i try to sleep

By Julie Chevalier

Innovarchi: Veil of Ribbons Appartments in Auckland with Skin Facade

Poem By Margaret Bradstock

Fitzroy Terrace, additions to an 1845 Georgian Terrace House in Redfern.


Welsh + Major : Response to the work of Mario Licon Cabrera’s poem Casa Efemira using kirigami as an interactive landscape

Peter Boyle

Andy Quan

Elizabeth Hodgson