Events & Readings


hope for whole, Poets Speak Up to Adani

3rd June 2pm
Brett Whiteley Studio

poetry with Anne Elvey, Michael Aiken, Jonathan Dunk, Michele Seminara, Jennifer Maiden


The Emerging Writers Festival

29 June: Literary Online Publishing: with Mindy Gill and Hella Ibrahim

28 June: Intensive Criticism with Annabel Brady-Brown, Mel Campbell, Alison Croggon, Maddee Clark, Natalie Thomas, Jana Perkovic



Writing and Politics
ANU, July 7

Literary Studies Convention

In Conversation with Frank Bongiorno: In an era in which protestors against Donald Trump dress as characters from a Margaret Atwood novel, literature suddenly seems more implicated than ever before in the political process. But how effective is literature in effecting, or preparing for, political change? Can contemporary writing have an impact on how readers approach political issues? And what do contemporary writers think are the most pressing issues of our time? In conversation with acclaimed historian Frank Bongiorno, writers Jeanine Leane, Shannon Burns, Michelle Cahill, and Bruce Pascoe will discuss the importance of considering politics when writing fiction, poetry and narrative nonfiction.