Beautiful things speak …

by Michelle

Firstly, the irises and jonquils opening their throats and lavishing their perfume in my study….they remind me of Lorca’s dark angels with hearts of oil.

And then that the house I had left a few months ago is tenanted ~ coincidentally the end of nocturnal dread, for now it is comforting to walk the streets

To have seen Ian McArthur in exquisite kimono and silk tie read from his book, Henry Black On Stage in Meiji Japan about the Australian rakugoka

4 x 3/0 mattress sutures the skilful plastic surgeon stitched into my back this month as I sat perfectly still and observed the rooftops of north Sydney

How the blue-tongue lizard ventured out from a stack of bricks near the clothesline to make of himself a shy premonition


A marathon poetry reading at the Sydney Writers’ Festival with all of my favourite poets whose name begins with ‘L’: Lucy, Liz, Luke, Lionel, (also Kate, Michael and Jessica L. )

Australian Love Poems 2013 edited by Mark Tredinnick has arrived with  David Brooks’ ‘No Poem for Weeks Now’. I also enjoyed reading Susan Fealy, Andy Jackson, Chris Wallace-Crabbe’s ‘Oldish Poem’, Felicity Plunkett, Jennifer Harrison and Petra White.

On writerly wounds and the shadow of recovery: “…as to poetry and non-fiction having an affinity that I hadn’t considered, I guess there is one. I see them as quite separate but I suppose they are both seeking a kind of truth. It seems to me the pace of writing fiction and poetry are  quite different. Poems are often written in an intense, almost annihilating space, whereas fiction requires me to slow down, to be exceedingly attentive to detail and patient with redrafts. There is a lot of scaffolding to take down in fiction, with the risk that one might actually lose the best voice. Fiction is so full of possibilities, possible versions and I guess I feel that in that challenge to distinguish which version is right, I haven’t succeeded. So far, at least.”

How I’m mesmerised when I look into two stretched canvases by Christine Breaden from King’s Canyon: “Honey Ants in their Shelves” and “Wild Bush Oranges in Season”

A lace monitor who missed me with hind legs and sharp claws to scale the lovely jacaranda

That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet….. Emily D