Some new work…

by Michelle

Spring weather is easing its way into summer. The jasmine flourishes as ground cover near the carpark of the surgery where I work. There are bees constant in the lavender whorls, busy transferring pollen. I’ve just got back from Westfield, where Tegan and I went shopping for toys: unicorns and elfin accessories which we ended up bringing home. Next week, the ipod touch.

My lovely friend Susan Fealy has sent me news that a review of my book by Will Yeoman has appeared in the West Australian. Here’s an extract from what he writes: “Vishvarupa teems with stinking slums and fragrant landscapes, gods and ghosts, lovers, friends and family; but it is the poet’s open heart that translates this rich procession into flowing lines that wave like prayerflags over the abyss.”

Heather Taylor Johnson has written an insightful review of Vishvarupa in Cordite

My short fiction “Letter to Derrida” has recently appeared in TEXT, though I’m greiving mildly as only a writer could, for one or two indulgent words I’d used in redrafts…should “mouth’ have been “voice”, I wonder? And my all-time, long-term favourite story, “Chasing Nabokov” was long-listed in the Carmel Bird Short story award and will be appearing in the Escape Anthology to be released soon by Spineless Wonders, a new and innovative publisher in our literaryscapes.

And there’s yet more…I’ve just been sent a link to a video that Jochen Gutsch filmed for the Goethe Institut as part of a series on Australian and German poets. Jochen interviews me about my writing, my background, my interest in travel and the experiences of being a mother and a writer. We also talk about identity, transnationalism and my work in Mascara Literary Review.