Return by Andy Ewing

by Michelle


From the vocabulary of the male body in feminist terms, Andy Ewing critiques the cultural constructions of gender in his paintings. Though he dismisses the work as ‘activism,’ his style is by turns provocative, animated, spiritually expressive, tribal, disrupting the codes and conventions that “sex” the body into binaries of power and powerlessness.

PQX is tongue in cheek, suggesting bondage, subverting the language of constraints and norms, with its sterotypical performance of gender. The surreal and abject figure in Wolf Mother gently troubles the stable boundaries of biological assumptions.

Ewing acknowledges being interested in the slippages between ideologies, the notion of a ‘spirit’ that is unknowable, existing beyond the natural or cultural realm. This is evident in Prana and Ancestor Spirits. He is drawn to the liberating processes of painting, to the transition from blank sheet of paper to a narrative, a feeling, a locus. The floating colours and fluid identities evoke the sensory, the energetic, the pleasurable agencies at play, resisting what Foucault might describe as organised forms of knowledge.

These paintings are from a series which Ewing calls ‘Return.’


Wolf Mother