Pennsylvania Literary Journal

by Michelle

Pennsylvania Literary Journal is available now, with a feature on British Literature edited by Anna Faktorovich, the editor of Anaphora Literary Press. Themes of oppression, social realism and rebellion in nineteenth century British and American literature are nicely focussed, with the journal including contemporary short fiction and poetry.

Highlights include a critical essay on the use of fairy tale elements in Dickens’ novel, Our Mutual Friend, by Victoria Williams, and an essay on allegory and the colonial condition by Mark Zunac. I also enjoyed reading an essay by Michael Cornelius, which explores the intertwining themes of public memory, landscape and sexuality in a poem by Henry Sewell Stokes about the romance between Piers Gaveston and King Edward 11, the “love that dare not speak its name.”

Most interesting for editors and writers is the interview between Anna Faktorovich and Margarita Boyers, editor of Salmagundi Magazine, in which questions about the apprenticeships of editing, teaching creative writing and translating are addressed. On editing Boyers has this to say:

“I suppose I would say to young graduate students merely this: since there is no guarantee that anything you do will have a practical outcome (which is to say, a JOB), then follow your passion and read what you love and what feeds your soul, and which gives you more resources for pleasure. Whatever happens, you can only win by reading and reading more.” (138)

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