If you read this…

by Michelle

Like me you might be experiencing an anticlimax, or even a melancholia.

Animals help to soothe my moods. Shade and Shadow, my minilops, frolicked about inside for a few hours today, scratching about and skating on the floorboards while I read poetry by Carol Ann Duffy and the ever universal voice of Judith Wright’s A Human Pattern: Selected Poems, edited by John Kinsella. I dipped into Maria Mie’s memoir The Village And The World, an unpretentious account of how the journey of love shaped her idealism, from romantic attachment to political activism. I cleaned the kitchen benchtops and drank three glasses of water. I ate an orange.

I’ve been experimenting in the sijo, a Korean stanza of fourteen to sixteen syllable lines. It’s nice to be alone for a while, to walk the quiet streets, post festivities, and to grieve, for all that passes; my daughter growing up, my self-determinations. It’s nice to have time to read, and to have space to let my thoughts flow into the shapes they desire, which are like shadows, where the painful and uncertain work of writing might begin.

But tonight the news is full of trials, and natural disasters; blizzards in Manhattan, flooding in Queensland. If you read this you might be hoping for an angel, and this song’s for you. It brings back memories of being in the Cook Islands, after the thrill of a scuba dive, listening to this my through my headset.