Shade and Shadow

by Michelle

I’ve been distracted lately, and mildly obsessed by our two Minilop bunnies, Shade and Shadow.

Minilops come in all colours ranging from sealpoint, to Siamese sable, from chinchilla to sooty fawn butterfly. While all colours make me happy: even gray, to borrow, in the present tense, a line by Nabokov, we chose not the chocolate agouti or the smoke pearl, but two glossy, black ones. We might have selected a different breed: a Netherland dwarf, a Rex or a Plush lop, though the Netherland dwarf and the Rex have upright ears, and require more stimulation being somewhat smarter. The Plush lop is as convincingly cute but not so dainty or droopy in the ear.

These little beauties are very affectionate. They love cuddles and jump up on your lap for hours. When I’m in the kitchen they become terribly excited and almost skid across the polished floors with their velveteen grey paws. They’re elegant and skittish and acrobatic, too, being a genetic variant from the cross breeding of English Lops, French Lops and Netherland dwarfs.

As I write a small furry discovery delights me. Through the plate glass, I spot Honey our free range guinea pig, loafing about on the lawn feeding on the seed we’ve left. Sensitive, and shy she emerges from the garden’s umbra just in time for afternoon tea. There’s no point coaxing her back to her cage. Afflicted by phobias and palpitations, she shimmers like treacle in the tall grass.

Meanwhile our precious bucks have been left to their own devices. This might prove risky since they have a penchant for chewing domestic objects like electric cords and timber posts, so I’d better run to them right now, groom their tuxedos and feed them a carrot or two.

Shade and Shadow