by Michelle

Momijigari is a Japanese tradition of visiting gardens in autumn, when the leaves are turning red, notably in Kyoto and Nikko. It derives from the Japanese word momiji 紅葉, or the maple’s red leaves. This aesthetic pursuit became the inspiration for an innovative Japanese-Australian literary journal, Red Leaves 紅葉

Edited by graphic novelist, Kirk Marshall and Yasuhiro Horiuchi, copies of the anthology sold out quickly at the recent 2010 Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne. Designed by Liberty Browne, the journal is a bi-lingual compilation of prose, poetry, and manga. The Japanese translators are Sunny Suh who holds an MA in Museum Studies, having translated for the subculture magazine Tokyo Art Beat , and Asami Nishimura, who holds a double MFA, both in Literature and Queer Studies from Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, and in Creative Writing from the University of Sussex. Brainy and ultracool, Asami provides the journal with a new transliteration of Tokyo scribe Daisuke Suzuki’s personal philosophical essay on the marvels of the cooked *soba* noodle :)

Other graftings to this 300 page cultivar include Ivy Alvarez, Jayne Fenton Keane, Tokihiko Araki, Patrick Holland, Eric Yoshiaki Dando, Ashley Capes, Graham Nunn, Mandy Ord and many others. I’m so honoured to have my writing selected for a project which is electronically networked, bridging cities, cultures, mediums and languages while offering an alternative to mainstream pro-forma publishing.

If you’d like a copy contact: Also available from Readings, St Kilda and other bookshops.