Encounters with Paresh Maity

by Michelle

In the morning they stroll to the shops. The sky is streaked with a few wispy clouds. Flirtatious clouds, Sarita thinks, that make you want to run or skip along the way. They pass gardens of pink hibiscus, frangipani and sculptured birds-of-paradise. At the corner store they buy the newspaper, chocolate croissants and take-away cappuccinos. They hang out at the beach, sitting together on a bench near the surf club. The surf is onshore and messy, the seaweed still strewn about from last night’s swell. Swarms of blue bottles are scattered on the sand like coloured condoms, but people are recklessly swimming.

‘Have you ever been stung by one?,’ she asks.

Once, surfing the break at Narrabeen, she had a stinger’s tentacles wrapped all the way down her leg, leaving its stigma of bright pink diagonal welts.

‘No,’ Darcy says, quite seriously, disclaiming any intention of being stung.

He stares at her, with his lips slightly parted. He has a habit of rolling his lower lip under his front teeth, and then releasing it very slowly. His eyes are cool, teasing and tugging. Sarita draws him towards her, kissing him as she slips her hands beneath his t-shirt to feel his skin.

(from my fiction manuscript)

Encounter, by Paresh Maity

Paresh Maity was born in Tamluk, West Bengal and lives in Delhi. His work has achieved wide international acclaim and is exhibited at the British Museum and the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi. He is known for his subliminal watercolour landscapes, his buoyant graphics and later transition to abstractions. In a recent artistic statement he speaks of being inspired by “the madness of colour and line.” Balance, harmony and energy are the themes for this installation, which uses recycled Bullet motor bike parts. “Encounter” narrates the chemistry and discrete synergism of the sexes. The sculpture, “Kinetic Energy,” personifies the goddess Durga, refashioned with headlights, indicator lights and mud guards. The installation will be opened at City Walk, Press Enclave Rd, New Delhi as part of Art in Public Space, presented by Art Alive Gallery and Select CityWalk. Opening by Kishore Singh, Sat 1 May 7pm
For more about the artist visit http://www.pareshmaity.com/